Car Rental Holland? Keep these things in mind!

Are you looking for a car rental Holland? In that case there’s a few things you should keep in mind. We will gladly tell you what those are, so be sure to read on.

Stay on paved roads

When driving around with your rental car, it is sometimes allowed to go off the paved roads. However, you should still reconsider doing so. This is because there’s an enormous chance that your rental car will become damaged from tiny rocks and stones. They shoot up and hit the windshield or the paint of the car, which can have troublesome consequences. Better safe than sorry, so stay on the paved roads!

Fill up the tank before returning the car

This goes for any rental vehicle ever, but is especially important for your rental car. If you forget, you can be sure to expect an extra charge on your credit card. Nine times out of ten that charge will be higher than the cost of the fuel would’ve been, so fill up the tank before returning the car.

Don’t rent at the airport

Our last tip is sure to save you some money. When you choose to rent a car at the airport, you will be paying much more than you would in a different place. So, it is wise to sort out your rental car before your arrival in the Netherlands, or to rent a car in the first place you’ll visit rather than the airport.

Enjoy your stay in Holland!

We hope that, with these tips, you can enjoy your stay in Holland even more! Renting a car to get around the country is a great idea, so we’re pretty sure that you will be alright. Just keep these tips in mind and everything else will fall into place.