What makes working in the maritime sector so enjoyable?

The maritime sector is a very broad sector, which in turn includes many sub-sectors. When we talk about the maritime sector, people usually immediately think of shipping, fishing and ports. Of course these are also part of it, but the maritime sector is much broader than that! That is why it is also a very nice sector to work in, since you will find a variety of jobs here. Are you still doubting whether you want to work in the maritime sector? In this article we would like to tell you what makes it so enjoyable!

Varied and dynamic

The maritime sector is always on the move. It is a busy sector in which a lot has to be arranged and in which many parties work together. This makes the work varied and dynamic. No two days are ever the same, as you will be working on a variety of assignments. Of course, this does depend on your position and the company you work for.

Large-scale employment

Because this sector is so large, there is always a demand for personnel. Therefore, you have a large employment within this sector and you have a good chance that you will quickly find a nice job. There are various positions of course that you can apply for. For example, captain of an inland vessel, port employee, warehouse employee, machinist, project manager or marketing employee. So you can work in the office as well as in the field.


In addition, the maritime sector is very innovative. There is increasing interest in how this sector can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. At We4Sea, for example, ships are monitored and their emissions and consumption during their journey are examined. If this is brought into focus, the next step is to look at how the shipping process can be made even more sustainable. There are several maritime organizations that work towards a better climate, where you can be part of!

Keppninni, a brand you must see for yourself!

The first thing you probably wonder about, when you try to read Keppninni, is how do I pronounce it? Or what does the name Keppninni mean? Well Keppninni is originally Islandic and stands for race. It is quite original, since the name doesn’t come by every day.  In this article I will give you some more insight about the brand Keppninni and about its roots. From petrolhead to petrolhead, you probably would love to keep reading about this!

The roots

Keppninni was established in 2018 by 2 young entrepreneurs from The Netherlands. However their idea of making fashion didn’t bore there. As already explained to you, Keppninni is Islandic, so their ideas originate from Island. During a beautiful holiday in the natures of Island, the idea of creating a fashion brand became to take its shape. At first thoughts, Keppninni was a simple concept that eventually grew into a brand with a memorable origin.

From merchandise to casual

When it comes to motorsports and especially to their clothing, than it is hard to miss the involved sponsors. As a petrolhead, I love to see a livery manifested on some nice piece of clothing. But these items are never really casual since it doesn’t allow you to bring them everywhere. For this reason, Keppninni started making casual clothing based on motorsport liveries. At the moment Keppninni offers 70 products based on cool iconic liveries, they offer various items like phonecases, T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. Also all products are designed and created in The Netherlands, which means Dutch quality standards!

So Keppninni seperates themselves from merchandise allowing you to bring your petrolhead’s passion everywhere. Keppninni is really worth to pay a visit at their website! Also you can follow them on social media for funny and informative content!

Things to Follow While Buying Your First Dart Set

The game of darts has origins dating back to the First World War, where it was first conceptualised as a sport for stationed troops. Over the years, it has transformed from being a casual pastime to an almost international sport, with participants from different countries competing against each other at the highest level.

However, besides being a competitive sport, darts has still maintained its place as an enjoyable pass time to play indoors. Regardless of the fact, one needs a lot of perseverance, skill, knowledge and practise to perfect the art of throwing darts. A lot has to do with the type of equipment one uses, including the types of darts used. 

In the United States, darts has been a popular game for several decades. Newcomers looking forward to acquire their own darts in the USA can follow the following simple tips to ensure they make the right decision. 

  • It is generally recommended to buy plastic shafts for anyone looking for their first dart set. It is always good to have different lengths of shafts and varied flight materials for novices to try and experiment with.
  • It is recommended that one does not follow any suggestions from a third party, no matter how known the person is. There is a specific kind of dart that works well with each player’s individual style. Thus, rather than taking suggestions, novice players should go ahead and test various configurations for themselves before making a purchase decision.  
  • Before making the final decision, new comers should get the feel of the dart set, exploring various height and weight options before finally settling. 
  • It is generally not recommended to use light weight darts when one is starting off. Dart sets contain darts which are uniform in weight and it is advised to start off with heavier ones before making the switch to lighter options. 
  • While it is generally not advised to make a big investment for a starter’s dart set, it is also not advised to go for the cheapest option. Cheap darts may have inferior parts which can ultimately affect the quality of one’s game.

Following the above points will help newcomers avoid the hassles while choosing their first dart set. 

Car Rental Holland? Keep these things in mind!

Are you looking for a car rental Holland? In that case there’s a few things you should keep in mind. We will gladly tell you what those are, so be sure to read on.

Stay on paved roads

When driving around with your rental car, it is sometimes allowed to go off the paved roads. However, you should still reconsider doing so. This is because there’s an enormous chance that your rental car will become damaged from tiny rocks and stones. They shoot up and hit the windshield or the paint of the car, which can have troublesome consequences. Better safe than sorry, so stay on the paved roads!

Fill up the tank before returning the car

This goes for any rental vehicle ever, but is especially important for your rental car. If you forget, you can be sure to expect an extra charge on your credit card. Nine times out of ten that charge will be higher than the cost of the fuel would’ve been, so fill up the tank before returning the car.

Don’t rent at the airport

Our last tip is sure to save you some money. When you choose to rent a car at the airport, you will be paying much more than you would in a different place. So, it is wise to sort out your rental car before your arrival in the Netherlands, or to rent a car in the first place you’ll visit rather than the airport.

Enjoy your stay in Holland!

We hope that, with these tips, you can enjoy your stay in Holland even more! Renting a car to get around the country is a great idea, so we’re pretty sure that you will be alright. Just keep these tips in mind and everything else will fall into place.

What is cable management?

We all know that feeling and unfortunately the look of a nest of cables tangled like a plate of spaghetti under our desk. Needless to say, this is something we would like to avoid at all times but somehow we never manage to keep it under control. Until now… have you ever heard of something called ‘cable management’? Two magic words which might mean a world of difference! By applying cable management you will finally manage to free up space, to avoid getting strangled with your feet in cables and wires or to accidentally unplug a vital cable. Let’s take a look at ‘what is cable management’ and how it works in practice

What is cable management?

What’s in a name… cable management refers to your network of cables and wires, in most cases in a cabinet or under/on a desk. Cable management is the process of managing and arranging your cables in such a way that you keep a clear overview and a spic and span desk environment. To avoid so-called cable spaghetti, applying proper cable management is a real must. Within the cable management domain there are various products and means to bring cable structure in your life like cable sleeves, cable clips, cable boxes, zip ties, duct tape,…

Cable management in practice

Cable management in practice means first of all tying your cables together before they start living a life on their own. You could use classic zip ties to reach this non-clutter goal, but you could also consider Velcro strips or even better special cable sleeves.

Another way to reach proper cable management is to firmly attach your cables and plugs you are not using to your desk, to a cardboard or to something else. As long as they are collected in one place. There are even magnetic pads which can be used to arrange your unplugged cables.

Why Should Businesses Implement Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma has emerged as a popular methodology that helps businesses in improving their processes and reducing waste. Combining the lean and six sigma methodologies, the method requires proper training, time and effort for proper implementation. To ensure the same, many training companies like https://www.theleansixsigmacompany.co.uk/ have been providing efficient courses and practical training.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma

Since the implementation of the methodology requires dedicated leaders, time and effort, many businesses are apprehensive of employing the same. However, by doing so, a business can easily gain the following benefits:

Benefits of Implementing Lean Six Sigma

  1. Lean Six Sigma improves delivery, sales and quality of product or service. This creates lucrative value for the consumers and helps in generating more business. With more business generated, it brings in more profits.
  2. The methodology improves processes that ultimately helps in enhancing productivity. Lean six sigma also ensures employee satisfaction and boosts their morale in the workplace.
  3. Operations are flexible and nimble to the changing conditions under this methodology. This enables the organisation to adapt to the unforeseen changes in the economy or the industry quickly and easily.
  4. The operations under Lean Six Sigma exhibit success and excellence that vendors, partners and customers alike are drawn to. This makes the business hold a far more competitive stance in all areas of the business. It helps businesses in staying ahead of the competition.
  5. While lean six stigma focuses on simplifying processes and eliminating errors, project monitoring and management, training, problem-solving, and similar aspects of the business are streamlined and simplified. With the reduction in chances of errors, the quality of work or productivity increases.
  6. With the methodology, there are fewer errors. This allows the management to innovate further and expand the business.

These are some of the major advantages of employing Lean Six Sigma.

Advantages of Car Rental in Holland

If you are in Holland, there are many reasons to think why you need car rental services. However, finding the right car rental in Holland is a challenging task and needs to be done with great caution. No one likes to select a company, which doesn’t meet the needs of customers or doesn’t have a good repute. Thus, before you choose your company, make sure you have done all the relevant comparisons needed and you have found a reliable company.

Reasons to Rent a Car in Holland

If you are traveling to Holland and plan to spend your time in leisure, you need to rent a vehicle of your choice.

Getting Around is Easier

When you are visiting a busy city and especially a place which you are visiting the first time, you will realize that getting around is easier. When you have a rented car, you can go wherever you feel like and whenever you wish, without having to worry about availability or timings.

Different Types of Vehicles Available

There are many different types of vehicles available for hire. You can select a SUV, a van, a luxury car or a convertible car which makes your life easy. Thus, you can pick a car as per your requirement, especially keeping in mind the number of people and destination. This way you also save money.

No Worries About Damage

If you have a long trip, you might not like to use your vehicle, considering the wear and tear which might happen.  It is often seen that people are scared about getting their vehicle damaged due to long hours of travel. Thus, when you have a rented car, you can go for long drives and no longer worry about the wear or tear caused to your vehicle.

However, you need to get in touch with the right company when you wish to hire.