Best place to drink with (girl)friends in Amsterdam!

Are you visiting Amsterdam with your girlfriend or friends? Do you want to know where you can have amazing drinks? Look no further, you are at the right place!  

Amsterdam is filled with plenty bars and café’s, but not all of them offer great service. Sadly, many tourists find out too late the service is bad and then the damage is already done. This blog will make sure you won’t spend unnecessary money on places with lousy service.  

Are you looking for the best place to drink with (girl)friends in Amsterdam? Scroll down to find out!  


It is no secret that Amsterdam is filled with a lot of canals. When drinking a great tasting wine or beer at Watergracht you can enjoy this to its fullest! Can you imagine you and your friends sitting beside the water watching the boats?   

Watergracht is also known for its great service, which is of course the main reason why they have made it on this blog. The bar-personnel are exceptionally quick on their feet. This is a good thing, because waiting too long for a drink can be extremely annoying.  

Furthermore, Watergracht serves many home-grown brews, which include special beers from local beer creators in Amsterdam. An excellent choice, if you really want to experience the exquisite taste of carefully brewed Dutch beer. Watergracht is one of the best bars in Amsterdam

Hannekes Boom 

Hannekes Boom is definitely recommended if you like the ‘summer beach vibe’. This bar looks like a beach hut and is mostly surrounded by water from the canals. When you are visiting Amsterdam in the summer, you won’t find it a surprise the place is completely filled. Did you know that Hannekes Boom is one of the first bars in Amsterdam? You and your friends should beyond any doubt give it a try!  

This is why you should book a party band

It’s no surprise that you want your event will be an amazing party. A party where everyone will talk about for years. But how you can achieve this? By booking a great party band. Whether you’re organising a wedding party, a birthday party or a company event: a party band is the right choice for any party.

A festive atmosphere

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No age limit

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Everyone will dance

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Unforgettable memories

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