Keppninni, a brand you must see for yourself!

The first thing you probably wonder about, when you try to read Keppninni, is how do I pronounce it? Or what does the name Keppninni mean? Well Keppninni is originally Islandic and stands for race. It is quite original, since the name doesn’t come by every day.  In this article I will give you some more insight about the brand Keppninni and about its roots. From petrolhead to petrolhead, you probably would love to keep reading about this!

The roots

Keppninni was established in 2018 by 2 young entrepreneurs from The Netherlands. However their idea of making fashion didn’t bore there. As already explained to you, Keppninni is Islandic, so their ideas originate from Island. During a beautiful holiday in the natures of Island, the idea of creating a fashion brand became to take its shape. At first thoughts, Keppninni was a simple concept that eventually grew into a brand with a memorable origin.

From merchandise to casual

When it comes to motorsports and especially to their clothing, than it is hard to miss the involved sponsors. As a petrolhead, I love to see a livery manifested on some nice piece of clothing. But these items are never really casual since it doesn’t allow you to bring them everywhere. For this reason, Keppninni started making casual clothing based on motorsport liveries. At the moment Keppninni offers 70 products based on cool iconic liveries, they offer various items like phonecases, T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. Also all products are designed and created in The Netherlands, which means Dutch quality standards!

So Keppninni seperates themselves from merchandise allowing you to bring your petrolhead’s passion everywhere. Keppninni is really worth to pay a visit at their website! Also you can follow them on social media for funny and informative content!