Small motorcycle parts you might not have heard of

Did you know that, apart from the larger pieces like the engine and the frame, a motorcycle consists of many important smaller parts as well? You probably did, but when asked which those are you probably wouldn’t get much further than mentioning nuts and bolts, right? Right! To give you an idea of all of the other little moving pieces that make those roaring iron horses move like the wind, we’ve put together the following blog. Read on if you’d like to find out more about that!

The gauge parts

One of the most delicate parts of a motorcycle, especially an older one, is the gauge, which tells you things about the speed at which you’re traveling and the rpm the bike is running at. In older motorcycles, these parts are largely mechanical. This means there is not computer chip involved and thus the process is not digital. Like a pocket watch for example, everything about the gauge parts has to be just right for it to work properly, otherwise the readings will be incorrect.

The clutch

The clutch is crucial to the workings of a motorcycle. It allows you to switch gear easily when it works like a charm, but it can be a tough part to set up just right. This is because the clutch, much like the gauges, is a very complicated part on older and newer motorcycles alike. There are just so many different little parts to it that it can be very hard to get it working perfectly. Luckily, hard does not mean impossible!

So, did you learn anything?

We sure hope you learned something from our little exploration of complicated motorbike parts. At the very least, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog. Happy riding out there!